Monday, November 14, 2011

Thanksgiving Planning

I apologize for the temporary absence from my blog. I haven't really been in the mood for blogging and I have  had many other things on my mind. My husband and I are expecting a baby! I am due May 18th and we are so excited. I have constantly been thinking about the food I am eating, but not in relation to my blog. I have been reading the book Real Food for Mother and Baby by Nina Planck. It's amazing how overwhelming it can feel when you hear everything about what you should and shouldn't eat. Nina's book breaks it down into simple, whole, real foods and makes nutrition easier to grasp.

As I got on my computer tonight, I browsed through my blog pictures folder...apparently I haven't been taking any food pictures either! So I decided to share my Thanksgiving planning with you. I am very excited to be hosting again this year. My husband's parents are coming from Iowa. Right now we have 6 guests and are planning on a few more possibly. I am making a few changes from my menu and preparation from last year. I am making more items ahead of time to make the holiday more relaxed. I will be brining my turkey like I did this summer and will use Alton Brown's recipe again. Anyway, enough with my talk! Here is my tentative plan (subject to some changes) to prepare for Thanksgiving. You can watch these videos from Good Eats if you want to learn about brining the turkey and feel like a little bit of weird Alton humor. : )

  • Already made
  • Sunday
    • Shop for final fresh ingredients
  • Monday
    • Put turkey in fridge to thaw
    • Clean house after arrives tomorrow!
  • Tuesday
    • After work, make pie crusts and keep in fridge
  • Wednesday
    • Morning:
      • Make brine and keep in fridge
      • Bake pumpkin and chocolate meringue pies
      • Make Cheesy potato casserole and keep in fridge
      • Make Green bean casserole and keep in fridge (or maybe this recipe?)
      • Make cheeseball dip
      • Make fluff (technical's Cooper family recipe)
      • Prepare relish tray with olives (another Cooper thing : )
    • Afternoon
      • Do something fun with family! : )
    • Evening
      • Place turkey in brine
  • Thursday
    • Morning:
      • Make mashed potatoes and place in crock pot on warm
      • Prepare stuffing and place in crock pot to cook
      • Sweet potatoes...I don't have a recipe yet. 
      • Get turkey in the oven, save giblets to boil for stock to make gravy
    • Relax for a couple hours :)
    • About 12:45
      • Make topping and put cheesy potatoes in the oven to begin cooking (45 minutes)
    • After turkey is done and resting
      • Make topping and put green bean casserole in the oven (20 minutes)
      • Put rolls in the oven to bake
      • Make gravy 
    • About 1:30 
      • Enjoy a meal and count your blessings together!
Now for a few final tidbits. I would love a probe thermometer for my turkey (early Christmas present anyone??). This eliminates opening the oven to check the temperature. Instead you set it to the temperature when the turkey is done, and the timer goes off when it reaches the correct temperature. I also watched this video from Alton Brown (yes, I like his shows and info!). Did you know that bubble wrap will keep food warm for hours? Interesting idea that I may try out. 

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! We have so much to be thankful for!

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