About Me

Hello! I'm Monica and this is my blog. I'm new to the blogging world so you will have to go easy on me. I grew up in Iowa, and now I live in Texas with my wonderful husband! We got married on June 19, 2010 and I couldn't be happier! I am a Registered Nurse. We have two pet Diamond Doves, one named Wilbur... we don't have a name for the other one yet, we just got it and haven't quite figured out if it is a boy or girl. I will give an update when we decide! And the new bird is named Shimi, which is Japanese for spots, because she (we are currently saying it's a girl lol) has white spots on her wings.

                                     Here is a picture of my husband and me:

And this is Wilbur:

So why did I start this blog? I have always loved to cook. My grandma used to cook with my cousins and I whenever we went over to her house. She was definitely a master! She knew how to make anything and everything, from scratch or even from nothing. I loved to be in the kitchen with her. I wish that she were still here, so that I could learn more now that I'm older, but I think I'm getting the hang of things. I am recently married and finally have a kitchen to call all mine! Which also means that I get to do lots of cooking. I'm not an expert; I've never made a cheesecake (that will change soon) or cooked with a whole chicken, I don't invent mouth-watering dishes or know how to carve a turkey, I'm the recipe-follower type. But I hope to blog about what I learn, share and review recipes that I have made, and maybe add a dash about my life here and there.