Monday, July 18, 2011

Fresh Strawberry Lemonade

Refreshing and sweet, this combination is the perfect taste of summer. The tart lemon juice combines with the succulent strawberries to make a beverage that is sure to please anyone. While I must tell you that the inevitable strawberry seeds deterred my husband from drinking this, I thoroughly enjoyed the drink myself and have been doing so for the last few days. I think that it gets better with age, and my husband would agree as he drank some today and said that it tasted better (I assume mostly because the seeds have all floated to the bottom of the pitcher). But don't let the tiny strawberry seeds discourage you; I loved this drink, and I'm one who can't stand the slightest bit of pulp or chunks in my beverages. Enjoy!

Fresh Strawberry Lemonade
Prep: 10-15 minutes
Yield: 2.5-3 quarts

1 cup white sugar
8 ounces strawberries, hulled
1 cup fresh lemon juice (8-9 small/medium lemons)

1. Combine the sugar and 1 cup water in a small saucepan. Cook over medium heat until the sugar is dissolved, stirring occassionally. Place in the fridge to cool. This is called a simple syrup.

2. Meanwhile, prepare the strawberries. Puree the strawberries in a blender with 1/2 cup water. Squeeze the lemon juice.

3. In a large pitcher, combine the cooled simple syrup, stawberry puree, and lemon juice. Add 4-6 cups of cold water, depending on your taste preference. I used 5 cups of cold water.

4. Serve and enjoy!

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Recipe adapted from my baking addiction

My Review

  • Preparation: 5
    • Simple and quick
  • Taste: 4.5
    • Just a point docked for the seeds. But the taste is amazing!
  • Cost: 5
  • Clean-up: 4
  • Changes
    • I can't wait to try other fruit; raspberries, peaches, and even watermelon!
  • Summary
    • This is so much better than that powdered drink mix, give it a try!


  1. Didn't the seeds sink? ;)

  2. Yummy! This looks very refreshing. Especially for these hot summer days. It looks wonderful.